Why your blog ain’t making money online!

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Not making money online

making money online

Making money online or are there zeros in your Google Adsense reports?

Wonder why your blog ain’t making money online? Have you started a blog and can’t stop checking your ad accounts, affiliate marketing stats, etc.? Well, there are many variables that contribute to whether or not your blog will make money. Also, if your blog is brand new, calm down…Rome wasn’t built overnight, but when it was built, it was beautiful and that is what to expect from you blog!

Why are you blogging? My advice is write the content for your readers. If you take care of your readers, you will be taken care of; it’s how the world works, the golden rule, and on and on. Every so often you may need to have a reality check regarding why you started blogging in the first place. Remember the adage, Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. If your blogging for the money, then you are “working”. If you are blogging and you love it, you are not working! You get the picture.

You love blogging but there’s no traffic

Any experienced blogger will tell you that they started out and there were rough patches. Even the greats have documented how it took some time before they quit their jobs. My only question and it comes from a recent post discussing pre-launch blog posts. Do the bloggers who had tons of prelaunch content make money faster than their counterparts who simply purchase a domain and set up a blog and write a few post sporadically? If this applies to you please feel free to comment and contribute to the discussion or existing knowledge base around this.

Back to the traffic piece, we have to realize that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs. Also, algorithms have changed and this is what part of what made me stop blogging years ago. Unless you invented the niche you blog about, there is thousands of other bloggers competing with you for search engine results and organic traffic.

Ok you have read my other posts and what about people who get traffic from Pinterest? Again, there are thousands of bloggers across many niches and you are competing with them as well. Stay encouraged because what’s unique about blogging is that each blogger is unique and has a different approach to sharing content. It’s like books on self help, there is Think and Grow Rich, The Power of your Subconscious Mind, Psycho-cybernetics, You are the Placebo, and thousands more sharing similar messages, and that doesn’t include pillars where lots of beliefs originated such as Stoicism. Again, lots of competition.

What drives you?

Ironically, the athlete in me keeps me going and ultimately I’m driven by the competition. When I had my college football blog and I was just starting out, a former teammate told me, I’m not going to support your site because I don’t think your successful. That was very motivational. Another example, my wife and I were remodeling our home to put it on the market. We got a few quotes around $25k. I say it everyday, the best thing they could’ve done was give us a quote!

Once I got those outrageous quotes and I even got offers for finances, I was like No Way! Next thing you know my wife and I began taking off window trim with pry bars and pulling out window sashes. We ended up replacing 10 windows with no experience. Total cost right under $2k. We are driven by competition and I personally like to do the impossible. So going back to my teammates comment, my mentality instantly became

“Watch me be successful and make money online the easy way!”

Making money online takes work and strategic planning. For example, in my post titled Making Money Online During Covid-19 Pandemic, I laid out a strategy for accomplishing this. I also posted about making money in minutes from my bed, that post was titled Holy Crap!!! I made $10 in 3 minutes from my bed!. Anyhow the point I’m making is, everyone can accomplish this but it requires planning and putting structures in place. Just a quick recap, in those post I talk about automating your money making approach.

For example, on Fiverr and on my website The-Professional-Proofreader.com, I have a setup that allows clients to purchase proofreading and editing services from me without interacting with me. In some cases, customers purchase proofreading services from me, I complete the job and send it back, and they don’t even say thank or mark the order complete (but I still get paid). So you have to put systems in place. I’ll finish this section on this note, a blog that monetizes from advertisements and affiliate marketing links has structures in place where the blogger doesn’t have to be present for them to be making money online = automation. 

Keep writing

No matter what is happening regarding your blog traffic, keep writing. It’s like when I was getting my doctorate, the advice was write everyday regardless of how you are feeling, just write. One thing I have learned is sometimes what you think is the best writing, is actually your worst. How many of us have written what we thought would be a viral post? What happened?

In addition to blogging, explore other opportunities for making money online. You may need to start freelancing. Maybe you write your blog posts using html, this means you can create an ebook teaching html basics or create a job on Fiverr where you will do html coding for someone. Maybe you had a life changing experience and your story needs to be told, write the book. If you are thinking you can’t write, use your phone’s text to speech feature and speak your story and pay someone (Me –My Fiverr page) to edit your book! 

In closing, stick with it. The fact that you are exploring what is happening with your blog is a great step in the right direction. As a leader, I tell people all the time, the easiest thing to do is quit. It’s hard to stick with something when you’re not seeing the desired results. You may be 1 post, 1 week, or 1 month away from seeing that traffic explosion to your blog! Hang in there. Keep me posted please comment below and share your stories!

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Forever making money online
-Dr. L 

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