Stop Procrastinating! Get Paid Online for Ideas

How you can get paid online for ideas

Believe it or not, you can get paid online for ideas. Napoleon Hill was spot on, “Think and Grow Rich”. That is exactly what it means to get pain online for ideas. You are literally selling your thoughts in an attempt to provide a significant benefit to others.

There a millions of creative individuals that are writing content and publishing it via books, blogs, and YouTube channels. However, these creative writers get writers block from one time or another and with this, they can’t think of a catchy title for their novel, blog posts, or video clip. More often than not they will post a request on Fiverr or UPwork. Fortunately, if you are a seller via these sites you can respond to these request and potentially land these jobs where you will be paid to come up with potential titles for content.

Get paid for names

Get Paid Online for Ideas

Many people get paid online for ideas and you can too!

You can get paid online for coming up with names. These names that people will pay you for are titles of books, names of companies, products, services, apps, baby names, and more. In a “gig economy” where you can pretty much get paid for a variety of online services, you can create a job.

On Fiverr, it is simply as creating a gig. For example, “I will come up with a name for your company”. People get paid for creating names, tag lines, and more.

The problem is, not many people know about this niche. I myself have gotten paid for this very work. For me the approach was very subtle. I edited a book for an author on Fiverr. The author gave me a 5 star review and tipped me. Then asked me to give him a few names for his book. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t work for free. I believed I charged him $15 to come up with 3 title options for his book. He paid me and decide to take part of 1 of my suggestions and revise it into something different. 

You can get paid for reviews

You can make reviews and get paid for them. Product tester review sites will pay people like you and me to test their products and review them. There are also authors who want beta readers before their books go live and they will pay you to read their books and provide ideas and suggestions for improvement. Then there are the less ethical means i.e., on Fiverr some buyers will pay people for reviews of their amazon books or products.

Actually this is not necessarily unethical. What I mean by unethical are the people that will pay you for a positive review without ever seeing, reading, or using their book and/or product. My words of wisdom around this are simple.

If you engage in something unethical to get paid online, you have to ask yourself 2 questions:

Is this the kind of person you are?

Can you maintain this and continue to get paid online by these unethical means?

Remember you want continued business from repeat customers and referrals. Giving false reviews certainly impact your credit. I have had authors that I have worked with ask me to give video testimonials after editing their books. I chose to decline because my freelance work is proofreading, editing, and writing; not promoting books via video testimonials (although this would be a good gig).

If your ultimate goal is to get paid online for ideas, then create some guidelines for what you will and won’t do as a side hustle and stick to your list.

Social Media

Over the recent years, I realized that people pay for ideas to post to Social Media accounts. I didn’t realize this until at a 4th of July cookout (Black People, We Love our Cookouts!!!). Anyhow, as I sat down to enjoy my ribs I cooked for 8 hours +, my brother asked me what should I post: “Spending time with my family, much love.”

Think about $10, $15+ for a few minutes to craft or edit a social media post of less than 100 words. It’s a no brainer. That’s the easy part. The challenge comes in promoting your services to do this work, and get paid for it online.

Get paid online posting to pinterest

People are get paid online for posting to Pinterest, you can too!

In addition, there are people who get paid directly to build Pinterest accounts with followers and post regular Pins. There is an art to this and there are also apps available that support with creating pins. Most importantly when creating a pin, make sure your pin is offering something to others. Ling at Finsavvy Panda provides a detailed guide for making money from posting pins on pinterest. 

In closing, this post touched on the ways people get paid online for ideas. Unheard of right, but it keeps bringing me back to something President Barack Obama said years ago, the jobs of the next 25 years will continue to be created!

My advice to my readers, create a job. I don’t just go to Fiverr and create a gig. Think outside the box and create a job. Even if you go around your neighborhood and tell elderly neighbors you will bring their trash cans to the street and back every trash day for $5 per week. This won’t work for me, I do it for free for Paul and my neighbor Fred he is in his 80s and walks a few miles each day, and he is also a former marine!

Anyhow, please feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to reply! I look forward to hearing what you have tried. Let’s walk this journey together. 

-Dr. L

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OMG! Anyone Can Earn Money Online

Do you believe that you can earn money online? How much time would you be willing to put in each day? Those are the 2 most important factors that determine your level of success with earning a monthly income via the internet. Once you answered the questions above, ask yourself, Can I Earn Money Online? You are capable of earning money online, just like I am. To take my earnings over $2k each month, I used already established platforms such as Fiverr.

I didn’t pay for leads, I didn’t advertise. I just set up a seller’s account and let Fiverr take care of everything else including getting the money transfer to me through direct deposit.

Transferred Money Earned Online

Earning Money Online from Fiverr and Transferring the Money is Easy!

So for you, if you take those steps…In the simplest terms, you need a platform to offer your service and receive payment i.e., Fiverr. To use Fiverr, simply create a seller account and set up a profile. Then set up your gig showcasing the services you are selling. Also, you can do this outside of Fiverr with a Google Voice phone number, a website, or a blog that showcases your services and allows you to communicate with customers and clients.

What makes Fiverr a great resource is once you set up your gig, they process the payment for you. All you have to do is request the direct deposit once you are ready! One thing to mention, you don’t have to pay anything out of your pocket for using Fiverr. No set up fees, no paying for leads, just set up your gig and began earning today! Easy right? Yes, Fiverr is also a way to make online earning easy.

A Vision for Earning Money Online

Some successful people unfortunately learn to believe in themselves when they hit rock bottom. You may not be in that place, you may be financially stable, you may be looking for a side hustle, or you simply may be going downhill financially and you are looking into what you can do. No matter where you are in your journey, you need a vision.

A vision is what you see as the outcome of making money online. How much money you see yourself making. More importantly and this has always been a pillar of success for me, envisioning the feeing you’d have when you achieved that desired outcome. Right now, stop reading this post and say out loud “I am earning money online” 5 times. Visualize yourself earning online and imagine what you and your body will feel like when this truly happening. The more you can see yourself earning money online the closer you will become to truly living that vision, trust me. It’s exactly what I have done!

My Vision for Working from Home

In 2007, I had this vision of working from home and making thousands each month; I could see myself “smoking a cigar like a boss.” I kept this vision for years. What did happen, I earned over $13k online within a few years from my websites. I got into having a cigar every now and then, and I learned how to earn money from my computer by tapping into my skill set. I taught myself html and css and begin designing and monetizing my websites and blogs.

How I am earning money online

I am earning money online and you can too!

My vision is what led me to freelancing. It was simple for me; I just reflected on wanting to work from home and earn an income online. Also, I asked myself how can I make a good amount of money working from home? Then, I realized people would pay me to read their books, edit their books, design their resumes and cover letters, and also to write letters, articles, emails, and books for them. This was in alignment with my vision. I didn’t need to go anywhere to do this work, it was free for me to get the customers, and I could work when I wanted to.

Avoiding Mistakes While Earning Money Online

Knowing my path and obstacles which include but aren’t limited to getting severely underpaid as a freelancer, I want to help others become successful with earning multiple streams of income online. I believe failure leads to success. People that fail and never achieve success, didn’t fail but rather they quit before their failure led to success. So don’t interpret this as you have to avoid mistakes as a metric of your success, that is not what this means.

What I am saying here is, I will share the mistakes I made trying to earn money online and you can avoid going through those steps. By all means learn from your mistakes as well but it does not make sense to do exactly what I did and experience the same set backs. Try new things and reflect often and you will be well on your way to thousands in earnings online each month, I guarantee it!

Another resource if you have doubts about your online earning potential is my post Increase Online Earning Potential by 100%.

In closing, the goal of this post was to move you from wondering “How do I began earning money online” to “I am earning money online.” I hope you are finding my content beneficial for your journey to begin earning money online. What I want to share with the world is my insight and expertise; more importantly you are receiving this insight from someone who has done it and is still active with a Top Rated Seller account on Fiverr.

When I first got started, I’d find blog posts from “someone who put a few gigs on Fiverr and earned $900 really fast and stopped working on Fiverr.” I always questioned the authenticity of some of those posts. If you can quickly make $900 online in an ethical way, the only reason to stop is if you can do a lot better in another way.









I made $10 in 3 minutes from my bed! Holy Crap!!!

Last night, I made $10 in 3 minutes from my bed!!! I was ecstatic, that is why I just had to publish this post!

As I lay in bed, and my wife and I were preparing to watch Waco on Netflix, I got an alert on my phone from Fiverr. It was a repeat customer asking me if I could do express editing!!!

I made $10 in 3 minutes

I made $10 in 3 minutes from my bed!

As you can see from the screenshot, my phone was dying and I had placed it on the charger only moments before. I also turned the sound alert off for Fiverr notifications for the night so not to wake anyone up. 

A Bright Screen!!!

But once my phone screen illuminated, all I could think of was “Money, Money, Money, Money” – Theme song of Ted Dibiase The Million Dollar Man (back when wrestling was good)! 

Anyhow this request was perfect timing. My wife got up to brush her teeth. I downloaded the document titled “4” (from screenshot) and created a $10 offer. The document was 6 sentences long and the spelling, word choice, and grammar were all awful. 

Google Docs helps me make money in minutes!

$10 in 3 minutes from my Iphone

I made $10 in 3 minutes from my Iphone!!!

While working in Google Docs suggestion mode to track changes, I made corrections in about 1 minute. Create the clean copy of the document in about 1 minute. And in minute 3 the document was already sent back to my customer!!! I awoke this morning to another 5 star review! If you want to be a Fiverr Seller, use my referral link!

That’s how I made $10 in 3 minutes from my bed!

Ironically, I discovered that there are people making money from their phone in minutes doing a variety of things, some even from coffee shops. Please use my referral link to explore several opportunities for work from home jobs online!

One very important tool I have mentioned above and also in previous blogs is Google Docs. Google Docs is very convenient because it allows users to work off of a smartphone! Also, best of all, it’s free!!!

Let this post serve as further evidence that I make $100 per day online!

Moving forward, this post is a miniature carry over from yesterday’s post Easily Make $100 Per Day Online Without a Computer Right Now! The reason I say this is because first, that $10 is added to the income I accumulated for yesterday. Second, because I am trying to communicate to all of my readers out their how you can easily make $10 in 3 minutes while in your beds, drinking your coffee, waiting in line somewhere, in your car parked somewhere, etc. I made money in minutes, imagine if I keep this up, the possibilities to Make Money Online During Covid-19 Pandemic are endless.

This goes back to how to Instantly Increase Online Earning Potential. If you have a smartphone and/or internet access, you can do this! In closing, please share this post and also leave comments regarding your progress, roadblocks, questions, concerns, etc. and I will certainly reply!



If you’d like to make money easily selling on Fiverr, use my Fiverr Referral Link! Thank you again for tuning in! See you next time!

-Dr. L