Instantly Increase Online Earning Potential

Awareness of Potential to Earn a Living Online

This post is based on creating awareness of how you can earn a monthly income online and how much income you can earn online each month, what I refer to as your online earning potential. But before we jump to awareness, we must start with desire. According to, desire means: conscious impulse (see IMPULSE entry 1 sense 1) toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment (Webster, 2020).

For the purpose of simplicity, let’s use desire interchangeably with the word “will” or the two words “want to”. I often hear people saying I wish I could make money online. That saying can be split into two sayings; the first “I wish I could make money online.” The second being, I wish I could make big money online. To both comments my response remains the same, you can! You can make money online and yes you can make big money online. Knowing this information moves us from just wishing we could make money online to confirming we actually want to make money online. And to that, I ask all of you, do you truly desire to make money online? If the answer is yes, then do so. Find your skill set and if you can offer a service, do so via Fiverr. If you can offer your skill set through a blueprint, step by step process start a blog by using the low cost WP Engine – Startup Plan

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right either way.”
-Henry Ford

Desire to Earn Thousands Online

If you even think you want to make money online, then your desire will fully confirm for you if this true. When you have a burning desire to obtain or achieve something, your mind helps your body establish all the conditions to do so. If this is not the case, then you truly don’t have the desire, but rather you are just saying you do.

Online earning potential is significantly impacted by one’s desire to earn money online. I always hear people saying, I wish I could make more money; they continue saying this for months and years and it becomes part of what they say, kind of like when they say hello to someone. I had a desired to earn thousands of dollars online each month and I achieve that. Therefore, I recognized my online earning potential and my mind helped me to create the conditions necessary to turn this desire into results. Some of the conditions my mind has helped me establish are:

Waking up earlier to have time to complete online gigs through Fiverr and through my proofreading website.
Setting time in the evening to complete online gigs.
Presenting clients with a turnaround time that allows me to remain in control of when I choose to work.
Creating the appearance that I am always available for clients.
Reading about ways others have achieved their monthly income online.

Learning to Earn from Netrepreneurs 

It would be nice if you had a mentor, who has done this work and achieved great results. I didn’t have one, so I read. Sometimes I would sacrifice not working, to simply read and better myself. I did this on a mental/spiritual level, on a leadership level, and on a business level. The most important tip from my list above is reading about about the experiences of other successful netrepreneurs who have mastered how to make money online. 

Fiverr Online Earnings January 2020

I make over $2,000 on Fiverr alone each month.

This has had a huge impact to my success online. For example, when I read this article How These 3 People Make 6 Figures A Year On Fiverr, that same month I made over 2,500 on Fiverr alone, which brought my total to over $3,000 that month. For the next several months I averaged about $2,200 monthly just from Fiverr alone, which is not too bad at all. Before reading that article I always looked at my online jobs as a source of unlimited income. This work is not a fixed salaried but a representation of how much do I want to work, which equates to how much I make. So, if I did double of my best month, I could have over $6,000 per month. Again, going back to Henry Ford’s quote and my desire. When you have a desire, the conditions will manifest in your life. If they haven’t, then there is some doubt in your mind. 


Online Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Revenue

My first experience with making money online was with Google Adsense and Commission Junction. These are 2 totally different mediums for generating revenue online. Basically, Google Adsense and Commission Junction allow website owners to monetize their content by inserting adds on their pages. The difference between the two is Adsense operates on a pay per click basis or at least it did when I used it. And Commission Junction operates based on leads and/or sales. Basically, I would sale adds or leads and get paid by the two organizations for driving traffic and sales leads to their merchandise.

In order to make money online and hone into my online earning potential, I created multiple websites consisting of content that I was somewhat knowledgeable of including College Football, Scholarships, Getting your GED, and Getting Student Loans. I taught myself how to code my websites using HTML and CCS coding. Let’s just say it took me months before I earned money and I was jumping up and down the first time I earned $.25! It was not much but I felt accomplished.


Fast forward to 2016, I had this urge to get all of my credit card debt down and improve my credit score. First, I stopped using my credit cards. Then I called all the card services for each account and requested lower interest rates. To my surprise, I got 1 card issuer to give me a rate that was 3% lower. The rest said I’m sorry we don’t offer customers lower rates (*I later found out this was not true).

As I became more educated on this process, I designed an informational website for improving credit. The site may have produced a few hundred dollars through sales leads but it was nothing compared to the $13K I made over a span of several years previously. My new thought was, how could I earn money online? Then I stumbled upon Fiverr and realized people were getting paid $5 to perform task ranging from spelling someone’s name with rice, doing a voice over, reading someone’s paper and critiquing it, and more. That was it, this was my moment.

Then, I arrived on Fiverr.

Monthly Earnings on Fiverr

Earning over $1,000 on Fiverr, amount shown doesn’t include pending sales.

Earning as a Freelancer

The first thing I did was go through various pages and explored topics. Then I reflected on a service I could offer. The lightbulb went off, I recently proofread 2 professors research before they submitted for publication. I could offer proofreading services! Fiverr refers to jobs as gigs. As I think about my first gig on Fiverr, I must have told the buyer I would proofread his 40,000 word document in 24 hours for $5. I will never forget it, I was at my daughters Cross Country tournament. I checked the buyer request and there it was: Looking for a proofreader, 40,000 words. Budget: $5. I’m going to be real, that gig was awful. I was totally selling myself short, it wasn’t worth the time or the sacrifice, I must’ve been up until 4:00am trying to meet this deadline for a measly $4 after Fiverr’s 20% fee for all sales.

Moving forward, I continued at this pace because the way I saw it, if I did 10 $5 gigs per day, I could make $50 per day the equivalent to a part-time job. At that point, my online earning potential was low because I wasn’t really sure how to navigate and charge higher prices. I thought I hit the jackpot when an Attorney posted: Looking for proofreading 20,000 words. Budget: $1000. Not really understanding how budgets worked or that they are negotiable, I wrote him, I will do this for $100! He accepted and told me if I did a great job there would be a huge tip. Long story short, he tipped me $250. This was my new regular customer. Then we parted ways when he requested I sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) due to the nature of his documents. I disagreed and that was the end of it. 

Using your Skill Set to Earn Money Online 

At this point, I was 2 years into my doctoral program. I was proofreading on Fiverr and for professors. I was then advised to get a graduate research assistant position to get paid to proofread research and assist with research as needed. That is when I stepped my proofreading up a level. I began reading everything from dissertations to novels, screenplays, Amazon Ads, etc.

My dissertation gig had 3 levels, Basic charging $165, Standard at $230, and Premium at $280 the money was coming in. I had made $10,000 in one year. Making big money online suddenly became my reality. In my previous online money adventure, I accumulated $13,000 in several years, this was only 1 year! Your online earning potential increases when you have credibility. You can gain credibility from reviews and from referrals. When you have credibility it increases your online earning potential because you can charge higher prices, and best of all, you are justified in doing so and this will cause your clients to pay your rates!

To Make a Post Go Viral or Make a Viral Post?

Fast forward to 2019, I hit my biggest months of making money on Fiverr. I made several thousand dollars each month to close out 2019 and best of all, I remained a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr! This is the story of how I turned my online earning potential into a goal.



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