Ways to make money online

There are many ways to make money online – choose convenience

The ways to make money online have gotten easier. For some years now, people have been automating their online earnings. To automate your online earnings simply means putting a system or process in place where you can earn with little to no effort. For example, when a website monetizes by using display adds, they are automating the process because all they have to do is produce content and drive traffic to their site to increase their revenue.

Automation creates an easier way to make money online

Fiverr helps people automate because of the ability to outsource. By outsourcing I mean, you can pay someone to literally create/design your website, write your blog posts, upload your blog posts, and more. You can pay someone to write your social media posts and essentially manage your social media account geared specifically to your brand, blog, business, etc.

The unique thing about Fiverr is that rates start at a low of $5 and move past $1,000 USD depending on what services you are looking for. Myself, I proofread on Fiverr and I rarely charge anyone $5. And I often tell clients, think of it as an investment. You are going to pay me and get expert service for your book that will essentially be a best seller and you will make thousands times more than my rate.


How to hire on Fiverr

For the sake of clarity, I want to make sure everyone knows what a freelancer is. A freelancer is someone who offers a good or a services and receives payment in absence of a company. Essentially, freelancers work for themselves. When using a freelancer on Fiverr, there is buyer protection. That is mainly what gets freelancers on Fiverr lots of business, the buyer feels a sense of protection.

Moving forward,  to hire on Fiverr, simply identify the service you need and you can type a search for that service in the search box. For example, if you want proofreading, you’d type in proofreading and sift through the results and screen everyone’s profile making note of their prices and offerings. This allows you to have some info before contacting freelancers. You can pretty much find a freelancer that will do anything. I was just offered to ghostwrite for a few authors. I have written about us pages for large companies as well. My Fiverr page is Professional Proofreading – Mrltheteacher

ways to make money online using Fiverr

Use Fiverr as a way to make money online


Once you identify a freelancer, you can tell them what you are looking for and create a request along with your budget. Use your budget as a ballpark because they may charge slightly over your budget. Also, keep in mind that if you don’t pay for quality, you will most likely have to buy the service twice because the 2nd time you will pay someone to do a better job. So pay the higher quality freelancer the first time and don’t be cheap on quality!

If you are struggling to choose someone, you can go to the post a request section. In this section you literally create a brief write up like a classified ad specifying what you are looking for and your budget. You will get many replies this way. 

3 Steps to create a blog to make money online

How could you not want an online earning opportunity that can be automated? I’ll give you 3 steps to creating an online blog that can be monetized.
1) Identify your interest
2) Identifying the needs for your site
3) Identify how you want to monetize.

Step 1 is the most important because if you don’t choose a niche that you are interested in, you are not going to maintain your drive to produce content or drive traffic to the site. Both of those factors greatly impact how much money your site can generate monthly, weekly, and daily.

Identifying the needs of your site allow you to plan what to budget for. For example, you may not consider yourself a writer or you may not want to write at all. Fact, to get your new blog recognized quickly from visitors you need to write content regularly. At this point, you need to decide to pay a ghostwriter. You may have a budget for a $10 per post ghostwriter on Fiverr. At 4 post per week (4 x $10 = 40) you can expect to pay $40-$90.

In addition, you also need to advertise your blog or website whether it be social media or paid advertising. As you do your research, you may decided that you don’t want to set up advertising yourself, so 2 options:
Pay someone to optimize your site for search engines or SEO.
Pay someone to set up your advertising account on Google, Bing, Pinterest, or Facebook.


Keep Costs Low

The problem with both options is there is an additional cost involved. The pro is that this helps you automate where if you go back to my statement about my clients I proofread for, look at it as an investment. You are investing in someone writing your blog post and advertising so you can make thousands times those investment costs over time. Still a great deal.

If you are wondering how to make money online free, then you can go all in and do everything yourself. It does take more time, but it saves you money.

In closing, my advice for how to make money online for beginners is to simply automate. You can simply go to Fiverr and post a request for someone to give you a consultation on how to walk you through how to set up your website or blog, to earn you money. There are thousands of ways to make money online. You can read all the information in the world but if you don’t understand it, you won’t make it far.


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Stop Procrastinating! Get Paid Online for Ideas

How you can get paid online for ideas

Believe it or not, you can get paid online for ideas. Napoleon Hill was spot on, “Think and Grow Rich”. That is exactly what it means to get pain online for ideas. You are literally selling your thoughts in an attempt to provide a significant benefit to others.

There a millions of creative individuals that are writing content and publishing it via books, blogs, and YouTube channels. However, these creative writers get writers block from one time or another and with this, they can’t think of a catchy title for their novel, blog posts, or video clip. More often than not they will post a request on Fiverr or UPwork. Fortunately, if you are a seller via these sites you can respond to these request and potentially land these jobs where you will be paid to come up with potential titles for content.

Get paid for names

Get Paid Online for Ideas

Many people get paid online for ideas and you can too!

You can get paid online for coming up with names. These names that people will pay you for are titles of books, names of companies, products, services, apps, baby names, and more. In a “gig economy” where you can pretty much get paid for a variety of online services, you can create a job.

On Fiverr, it is simply as creating a gig. For example, “I will come up with a name for your company”. People get paid for creating names, tag lines, and more.

The problem is, not many people know about this niche. I myself have gotten paid for this very work. For me the approach was very subtle. I edited a book for an author on Fiverr. The author gave me a 5 star review and tipped me. Then asked me to give him a few names for his book. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t work for free. I believed I charged him $15 to come up with 3 title options for his book. He paid me and decide to take part of 1 of my suggestions and revise it into something different. 

You can get paid for reviews

You can make reviews and get paid for them. Product tester review sites will pay people like you and me to test their products and review them. There are also authors who want beta readers before their books go live and they will pay you to read their books and provide ideas and suggestions for improvement. Then there are the less ethical means i.e., on Fiverr some buyers will pay people for reviews of their amazon books or products.

Actually this is not necessarily unethical. What I mean by unethical are the people that will pay you for a positive review without ever seeing, reading, or using their book and/or product. My words of wisdom around this are simple.

If you engage in something unethical to get paid online, you have to ask yourself 2 questions:

Is this the kind of person you are?

Can you maintain this and continue to get paid online by these unethical means?

Remember you want continued business from repeat customers and referrals. Giving false reviews certainly impact your credit. I have had authors that I have worked with ask me to give video testimonials after editing their books. I chose to decline because my freelance work is proofreading, editing, and writing; not promoting books via video testimonials (although this would be a good gig).

If your ultimate goal is to get paid online for ideas, then create some guidelines for what you will and won’t do as a side hustle and stick to your list.

Social Media

Over the recent years, I realized that people pay for ideas to post to Social Media accounts. I didn’t realize this until at a 4th of July cookout (Black People, We Love our Cookouts!!!). Anyhow, as I sat down to enjoy my ribs I cooked for 8 hours +, my brother asked me what should I post: “Spending time with my family, much love.”

Think about $10, $15+ for a few minutes to craft or edit a social media post of less than 100 words. It’s a no brainer. That’s the easy part. The challenge comes in promoting your services to do this work, and get paid for it online.

Get paid online posting to pinterest

People are get paid online for posting to Pinterest, you can too!

In addition, there are people who get paid directly to build Pinterest accounts with followers and post regular Pins. There is an art to this and there are also apps available that support with creating pins. Most importantly when creating a pin, make sure your pin is offering something to others. Ling at Finsavvy Panda provides a detailed guide for making money from posting pins on pinterest. 

In closing, this post touched on the ways people get paid online for ideas. Unheard of right, but it keeps bringing me back to something President Barack Obama said years ago, the jobs of the next 25 years will continue to be created!

My advice to my readers, create a job. I don’t just go to Fiverr and create a gig. Think outside the box and create a job. Even if you go around your neighborhood and tell elderly neighbors you will bring their trash cans to the street and back every trash day for $5 per week. This won’t work for me, I do it for free for Paul and my neighbor Fred he is in his 80s and walks a few miles each day, and he is also a former marine!

Anyhow, please feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to reply! I look forward to hearing what you have tried. Let’s walk this journey together. 

-Dr. L

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Easily Make $100 Per Day Online Without a Computer Right Now!

To make $100 per day online without a computer is easy if you simply put the right structures in place. First, let’s talk about automating the task to do so as much as possible. Again, this goes back to setting up the right platform, which in my case is Fiverr. Fiverr has it’s pros and cons but when it comes to automating my ability to make money online,  Fiverr helps in a big way.


Make $100 per day online

I make $100 per day online

As you can see from the screenshot this is from today April 28, 2020. When I woke up I already had a customer order in cue for $15. This goes back to the automating process I brought up briefly above. In order to make $100 per day online without a computer, you need some automating power. 

Automating will allow you to accumulate orders while you sleep. I didn’t not interact with this client until I woke up and received the alert on my phone. But as you can see that was about 1 hour after the order was placed.

Again, the power of Fiverr! Fiverr allows profiles to be set and orders/services to be purchased with no interaction between buyer and seller. Of course I interact with my buyers, but only during my waking hours. This results in improving your reputation and credentials on Fiverr. 

The last thing I want to say about automating relates to not having a computer. If you think you can’t make money online each day without a computer, you are very wrong. When I used to frequent various libraries around my state, I would often see computer labs overflowing with patrons. To access and set up a Fiverr account, you can simply use a public library. Fiverr isn’t on a blocked list, there is no nudity or inappropriate content. 

Think about it like this, you want to make $100 daily and you don’t have a computer, go to the library, a friend’s house, family members house, or use a smartphone to download the app. To create your account you may need to go directly to Fiverr.com 

Other than that, you simply need to set it up and create a regular schedule of when you will check in. Also, one way to support automating is create a timeline for all jobs that is manageable. I offer 24 hour delivery for editing documents up to 500 words. This is manageable for me, even if I can’t check my account multiple times per day because I have at least 24 hours to finish a job.

Using Multiple Sources for your Online Income

I also use my email and Paypal to make $100 per day online. Again this is something you don’t need a computer to do. Why not? Because to access email and PayPal you can use the Gmail & PayPal apps on your smartphone. Or you can go to the library, a friend’s house, family member’s house, etc. All you really need is the chance to access the internet at least 1 time per day. This enables you to see request for orders and process invoices. 

Now, I am going to share how I did this process similar to Fiverr today on April 28, 2020.

PayPay to make $100 per day online

PayPal invoice and email requests, help me to make $100 per day online.

Proof thatThis is how I make $100 per day online

Proof that I make $100 per day online. Payment was submitted by customer earlier today.

Again, as you can see in this screenshot, this was sent today April 28, 2020 first thing in the morning. I checked my email and had a request from the repeat customer to review her essay consisting of approximately 800 words. I replied and sent an invoice.

One strategy that gets me a lot of customers via email or my website The-Professional-Proofreader.com
is that I charged $10 per 500 words. While on Fiverr, I charge $15 per 500 words.

My customers get the same service and turnaround time, but as a token of my appreciation for their business outside of Fiverr I provide a generous discount which also offers Fiverr’s excessive Buyer and Seller Fees.

Another strategy I employee is retaining as many repeat customers as possible. Both of these screenshots come from repeat customers.  

If you want to make $100 each day online, the formula is simple.

Over deliver and make $100 per day online

Over deliver to make $100 per day online

  • Create your process for automating.
  • Attract and retain repeat customers.To create a process for automating look into setting up your Fiverr seller’s account. Create your gig. When it goes live, that means you are ready for customers to view your profile identify your services and make purchases without communicating with you. Attracting and retaining repeat customers is all about customer service. “Under promise and Over Deliver” (I saw that watching Waco on Netflix), but I have heard it many times as a freelancer. Go above and beyond.For example, yesterday I proofread and edited an 8500 word literature review chapter of a dissertation. I agreed to just do chapter 2 of the document, however I did the reference list as well. Over deliver and you will be glad you did. In some cases you may even get a tip!

Quick Recap to Money daily online

Can you make $100 per day online without a computer? Absolutely. All you need is access to a computer. This also depends on your service. If you are doing over the phone consultations, you may need access to the internet periodically to receive and process orders. Even if you are editing papers for customers, your smartphone can get Microsoft Office or you can use Google Docs. 

Automate, automate, automate, I can’t say that word enough. Actually, I could say it a few more times. But the point is, create systems that allow things to happen while you sleep. If you are selling a service or goods, you need to check in at least 1x daily. A blog, you need to check in as well but your customers will take action in absence of interaction with you. Get yourself a plan for automation and you will no doubt be in a position to make $100 per day online. Everybody else is doing it, now you can too! I am off to complete those jobs.

-Dr. L

I’m a Top Rated Fiverr Seller

2 Things You Must Do to Make Money Online During Covid-19

Instantly Increase Online Earning Potential

3 Ways to Make Money Online During Covid-19, Right Now!

In order to make money online during Covid-19, you must put a system in place where you can offer something people are looking for. 

Step 1. Identify an area of speciality where you can offer a service and set yourself up to make money online from that service.

Step 2. Reflect on your service and refine it. This may mean changing the price you are charging, adjusting higher or lower depending on your success, credibility, and online earning potential.

make money online during covid-19

You can still make money online during covid-19.

In case you are wondering, why should you listen to me. Well, I have already implemented this very system to help me make money online during Covid-19 and beyond.

For example, colleges and universities along with many K-12 educational institutions are now doing some form of distance learning. What service(s) can you offer in the field of education that would allow you to make money online during cover-19? I’ll list a few: tutors, proofreaders & editors and Readers to do Read Alouds.

Make Money Online During Covid-19 by working in an education related capacity

There are thousands of students across America taking Algebra, Trigonometry, Spanish, Statistics, learning to read, identify their letters and so on. Parents are tasked with this new role of being a teacher, students are expected to sit in front of a computer for hours on end. But these students need help. They need the same level of help and tutoring or more than they would need during a typical school year. You can offer your tutoring services via Fiverr.

If you have taken a few Spanish courses, create a gig on Fiverr I will offer basic Spanish tutoring for $30 per 15 minutes. You get 3 customers, and bang you are at $90 dollars a day, the equivalent of a substitute teacher in a school. And just like that you have implemented an approach to make money online during cover-19

Many students at all levels from secondary through higher education are still writing papers. You can offer to proofread high school essays, college assignments, etc. for $25 per paper. You can even simplify this process and use Microsoft Word or Google Docs spelling and grammar checking features.

Reading books.

There are many children who need a bedtime story or simply a read aloud throughout the day. You can record yourself reading children’s books and post them on YouTube and get paid for the views or you can sell them as a gig on Fiverr. For example, I will read a bedtime story for $5.

Think about it, again children are home all day now with their parents. Their parents in most cases are not teachers or in some cases they aren’t comfortable reading books aloud. This is where you come in. This may be something you do every night in your own household, so why not offer it to a family in need and make money online during covid-19 in the process!

Sell your services or outsource on Fiverr

Remember with Fiverr, you don’t have to set up a seller’s account but rather you can be a buyer and hire someone to do all the work for you. For example, let’s say you want to tap into the Read Aloud market. You’d open a buyer’s account. Make a request for a freelancer: “I need someone to read aloud a brief children’s book and make a 2 minute video or audio recording.” Create the agreement i.e., you’d pay $5. Now you take this video or recording and you post it to YouTube or sell it directly for $10. 

Let’s say you want to create a blog. You post a request, “I need someone to make a blog for me.” Create the agreement and pay for the service and viola, you have a blog that was created for you. You can do the same with content. Pay a freelancer on Fiverr to write content about any topic you want. Pay them, and again voila you have content that you can publish and make money online during Covid-19 without leaving your home or learning how to create a blog yourself!

Are People Really Making Money Online 

Believe it or not, there are still ways people are making money online during cover-19. For example, people are blogging, monetizing through ads via blogs, YouTube, freelancing, and more. Those 3 are methods that people have been using for over a decade to make money online. As previously mentioned, many industries have closed their doors. Not the internet, we still are up and running. Take your services online and make money!

Think about how many people are making masks and face shields to protect others from Covid-19. These people have simply identified a need and a service they can offer. Some of these people have never made a mask or shield before but they are producing them like experts now. What can you do to make money online during covid-19 right now?

Turn Any Talent into an Online Money Making Opportunity

Turn Any Talent into an Online Money Making Opportunity by putting it online. If you are a stock advisor and you have been furloughed, then you can take your skills online and make money by creating a blog with stock investing advice, create a YouTube channel discussing the market, or freelance write articles using your expertise about the stock market.

Another example, let’s say you were a college football coach and you have been laid off due to covid-19 concerns. Take your coaching knowledge online and you can use the 3 methods I mentioned above. You can easily create a video with Xs and Os drawing up how the option can be stopped. You could also create a blog with advice for high school players looking to get recruited (I tried this years ago and netted over $10k).

Be a Consultant 

Being a consultant during this pandemic is a no brainer. Take whatever you did previously to make a living and create a consulting gig out of it. As I have mentioned in previous posts, you can use Fiverr because it is easy to navigate or you can create your own blog, website, or social media presence. Chances are you probably already have a social media account. Now is the time to capitalize on that account. If you are a human resource specialist, you can consult with people online who have questions about labor laws, filing a grievance, benefits, etc.

You may have recently had a virtual doctor’s appointment. You can simply consult with anyone who has anxiety about what a virtual doctors appointment is. I’ll give the complete how to guide for this one.

1) Get a Google Voice account and phone number.

2) Set up your consultant page via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can also use Fiverr.

3) Describe your service and your rate – example: Include a nice headline such as: Are you worried about what to expect from your virtual doctor’s appointment? I will provide a 10 minute phone consultation for $20 explaining what to expect from your virtual doctor’s appoint. Call me at 401-866-2299, I will send you an invoice via PayPal.

Get Paid for your Expertise

If you were a computer coder familiar with Java or HTML you can consult with people who can email you their code and you email the invoice via PayPal. Just like that you can make money online during Covid-19. You didn’t have to do anything special or take any courses. Google Voice is free, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Fiverr are all free!

What did it cost you to be a consultant on a topic that you are knowledgeable of, nothing! I taught myself how to code in HTML. What can you learn that you can later teach someone while making money online doing so? Possibilities are endless. Learn how to jump rope. Let’s say you are into fitness or cardio, can’t you share a few tips in a blog or video about your breathing technique while jogging or doing squats?

make money online during covid-19

Like others, you too can make online during cover-19

Make a Blog or Videos and Monetize it to Make Money 

Your content doesn’t have to be absolutely great, it just needs to add value to the lives of others. It needs to be something people are looking for. My first website target high school football players looking to get recruited to play college football. Using my content I provided value to high school football players, high school coaches, and parents of high school football players.

These approaches that allow people to make money online aren’t new, more people are beginning to tap into these strategies or side hustles as they are becoming known as over recent years. But if you take my advice for making money online, your new side hustle can become your new monthly income. Lastly, I just want to emphasize the unique opportunity to make money online during cover-19 because as you can see physical businesses have closed but it would take power outages of a significant level to shutdown the internet.


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