I made $10 in 3 minutes from my bed! Holy Crap!!!

Last night, I made $10 in 3 minutes from my bed!!! I was ecstatic, that is why I just had to publish this post!

As I lay in bed, and my wife and I were preparing to watch Waco on Netflix, I got an alert on my phone from Fiverr. It was a repeat customer asking me if I could do express editing!!!

I made $10 in 3 minutes

I made $10 in 3 minutes from my bed!

As you can see from the screenshot, my phone was dying and I had placed it on the charger only moments before. I also turned the sound alert off for Fiverr notifications for the night so not to wake anyone up. 

A Bright Screen!!!

But once my phone screen illuminated, all I could think of was “Money, Money, Money, Money” – Theme song of Ted Dibiase The Million Dollar Man (back when wrestling was good)! 

Anyhow this request was perfect timing. My wife got up to brush her teeth. I downloaded the document titled “4” (from screenshot) and created a $10 offer. The document was 6 sentences long and the spelling, word choice, and grammar were all awful. 

Google Docs helps me make money in minutes!

$10 in 3 minutes from my Iphone

I made $10 in 3 minutes from my Iphone!!!

While working in Google Docs suggestion mode to track changes, I made corrections in about 1 minute. Create the clean copy of the document in about 1 minute. And in minute 3 the document was already sent back to my customer!!! I awoke this morning to another 5 star review! If you want to be a Fiverr Seller, use my referral link!

That’s how I made $10 in 3 minutes from my bed!

Ironically, I discovered that there are people making money from their phone in minutes doing a variety of things, some even from coffee shops. Please use my referral link to explore several opportunities for work from home jobs online!

One very important tool I have mentioned above and also in previous blogs is Google Docs. Google Docs is very convenient because it allows users to work off of a smartphone! Also, best of all, it’s free!!!

Let this post serve as further evidence that I make $100 per day online!

Moving forward, this post is a miniature carry over from yesterday’s post Easily Make $100 Per Day Online Without a Computer Right Now! The reason I say this is because first, that $10 is added to the income I accumulated for yesterday. Second, because I am trying to communicate to all of my readers out their how you can easily make $10 in 3 minutes while in your beds, drinking your coffee, waiting in line somewhere, in your car parked somewhere, etc. I made money in minutes, imagine if I keep this up, the possibilities to Make Money Online During Covid-19 Pandemic are endless.

This goes back to how to Instantly Increase Online Earning Potential. If you have a smartphone and/or internet access, you can do this! In closing, please share this post and also leave comments regarding your progress, roadblocks, questions, concerns, etc. and I will certainly reply!



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-Dr. L




Make Money Online During Covid-19 Pandemic

Businesses along with public places may be closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, but there are still ways to Make Money Online During Covid-19. Furthermore, there are businesses that just haven’t ceased their operations, and those are online business including but not limited to Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, and many others. Most people hear the word job security at a time like this and we can agree it seems up in arms. But what about “online job security?” Amazon has even increased their hiring, same with Instacart. My Fiverr income was seeing record highs leading up to the Pandemic becoming widespread by March (2020) of this year. 

There is one thing that has remained constant for me through all of this: I must continue to make money online during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This will keep money in my savings account and it will also reduce my credit card balance, keeping my credit score improving each month.