Any New Blogger Must Read These Tips!

Welcome new blogger!

First, I want to congratulate you on starting your journey as a new blogger. Wait, how do you know that you are officially a blogger? Well, according to Maxwell Maltz the author of Psycho Cybernetics, it takes at least 21 days to form a habit (2015). So in theory you can blog at least 21 days and call yourself a blogger. If you are on week 1, you are working towards being a blogger!

Watch out for Skeptics

Now, I want to advise you to avoid the skeptics, and know that they are everywhere. By this I mean anyone telling you that you can’t make money online especially being a new blogger. If you have trouble with this or identifying who the skeptics are, then think of them as such:

  • People who have never made money online themselves
  • They are always speaking negatively about the possibility of making money online, and lastly, they are the watchers and not the doers! (People who would rather watch YouTube instead of make a YouTube Channel themselves and monetize it).

If you look at our society there are always skeptics in every genre. My grandmother was a skeptic of me making money online (until I cashed my first check). I remember it clear as day. In 2007, in her granny voice she told me, “Don’t cash that check, that ain’t real.” I think I was sweating bullets as I walked through Bank of America to cash my first check from monetizing my blog. After things took off, granny even got some of that money… Yeah, I took her to the casino quite a few times with my blogging money! I was so proud. 

Skeptics are everywhere

Back to the idea of skeptics though, I could give any granny a pass for being a skeptic. It’s ok, they were brought up in a different era. For example, until recent years our grandmas were all skeptical about using cellphones. For this post, I mentioned granny just to say that sometimes a skeptic can be a family member, mom, pop, brother, sister, etc.

Again, until you start cashing those Google Adsense, ShareAsale, or Commission Junction checks, there will be skeptics. The problem is if you identify the skeptics and they continue bringing negative energy your way. No I don’t mean disown them but rather decide to not discussing making money online or your new blog. 

Avoiding skeptics will not only save you time but also save you from doubting themselves. You ever notice how you could be in a great mood and you share something with that 1 person and they totally “kill the mood”? they continue justifying why they said what they said but it only goes down hill from there.

Make Lots of Mistakes

As a leader, I always tell people make mistakes, mess some things up. Be reasonable if there are mistakes that you have read about other bloggers making, then obviously avoid those. But if you’re torn between copywriting your blog or your brand, go for it and try it. You won’t truly know unless you try it. Make mistakes with your content, experiment with your post length, experiment with citations of sources, and using outbound links for other blogs. The authors will appreciate the love and they may sprinkle some love your way. 

Be Reflective

New blogger and new learning

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as a blogger.

Making mistakes is good because it gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to try new things. Some times the best things happen when we mess something up. We rebuild it or create structures that would never allow the same mistake again. While you’re making mistakes, take note of them and be reflective. 

Some veteran bloggers have even considered listing monthly earnings as a mistake. As a result, they have gone into previous blog posts and edited them to remove earnings or leave a disclaimer regarding why they will not display earnings any more. We live, we learn, and we revise. 

If you start earning your first $500 monthly on your blog, you will not double that by reflecting on what strategies got you to $500 per month and revising. Bloggers that read other post about monetizing don’t read from bloggers that make less than they make, they read posts by the bloggers making more than them. 

Find a mentor

Even if the mentor you identify doesn’t know you exist, find someone that you can get ideas from. The ideas could be their writing style, frequency of posts, affiliates they use to monetize, etc. You do not need a formal mentor to learn how to be successful at blogging and monetizing your blog. Instead you simply need the url of a few very successful bloggers i.e., Neil Patel or Caitlyn Pile.

As a new blogger myself for while, I spent my time reading from other bloggers, writing content, and promoting the content. They say content is king and I agree but I would go on a limb and say having a mentor or bloggers to follow is in that same royal family! And ultimately, Research is King! Research is King To Make a Post Go Viral!

If you approach mentoring the right way, you could actually find a blogging mentor who is willing to consult with you and have regular conversations with you. You may do this on online platforms i.e., Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, commenting on blog posts, etc. Cherish this opportunity to connect with a mentor. At some point as you continue growing your blog and your followers, you will become that mentor to a new blogger who needs your support and encouragement! 

Ask any blogger and they will tell you, they were once a new blogger at some point. On that note, it is a very humbling experience for me to engage with an audience and I want to help lift you all up! Please comment and share my blog and also email me and I will consult with you: And remember stay away from the skeptics!

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