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Success Coaching from Plans to Results

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Success Coaching from Plans to results

Coaching people and working with them to identify action steps to move them towards results is how myself and many other coaches stand out above the crowd! Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that success coaching has gained in popularity over recent years. Why success coaching is something you should invest in? Simply because the coaching I am offering is not geared to one aspect but open to whatever it is that means success to you. This may include a fitness goal, spending more time with the family, accomplishing a financial or professional goal, etc. And more than likely, you are here because you don’t know where to begin or what you have tried was not effective.

Success Coaching & Manifestation coaching

Success coaching you can rely on!

Do success coaching really work?

Who is my Success Coaching For? It’s for anyone who has thought of the following:

  • Have you ever thought about earning more money?
  • Being more productive?
  • Taking more vacations?
  • Living in your dream home?
  • Buying fancy jewelry for your family and/or yourself?
  • Do you occasionally have these thoughts but don’t believe that it’s even possible?
  • Do you think those things are only a reality for certain people other than you?
  • Who has time to watch all the YouTube clips about getting what you want in life?
  • Have you read one of those self-help books but have nobody to reflect with about the meaning of what you read? That is where I come in…Let me work with you to realize your potential to go from merely thinking about these things to making them a part of your reality.

Check out this video telling you about my coaching:

There are plenty of coaches that put together the same plan for all clients. However, there is no 1 size fits all approach and because of that I am offering personalized success coaching sessions beginning at $65 per 30 minute session or 3 sessions at $175 for 3 30 minute sessions spread over 3 weeks. The breakdown of the contents are as follows:

The $65 Session includes:

  • A 30 minute coaching session via Telephone or Virtually on Google Meet.

In this 30 minute session I will assess your current situation and determine where you want to go and work with you to create 2 doable action steps that you can start immediately to move you that way! Additional sessions can be purchased at $65 each.

The 3 Sessions at $175 includes:

  1. Session #1 Introduction and assessment of your current situation and action steps.
  2. Session #2 Progress on Action Steps adjusting as needed.
  3. Session #3 Explanation of Contents in your Google Folder. Scheduling future sessions.

Session 1 & 2 provide some background on your situation so I can work with you to plan some action steps. While session 3 provides you with a session to check your progress so far and make note of any changes. In addition, you are give some tools to continue this work and monitor your progress. Although additional sessions can be purchased, I will provide lifetime support for free via email. To get started with a session you can go simply email me at or call or text 860-375-5779.

In session 3, you will receive access to a Google Folder specific to you and your situation. This folder will contain my contact information for future sessions purchased and we will meet via Google Meet. Also, in the folder are your 3 action steps, a daily goal template, and as a bonus ***an editable calendar to track your progress.

Below is a form that will allow us to hit the ground running. I’m asking that you provide your name and email. This is where I will send the invoice to. Also, provide a few sentences about your current situation. For example, what are your goals, what have you tried, etc. Lastly, please specify the package you’d like (1 coaching session or 3 coaching sessions), so I can bill you the correct amount. Once you submit the form, I’ll review it and send you an invoice so we can get scheduled and started! Complete the form below or email me at call or text me at 860-375-5779. Let’s get started!

 Let’s start today!

In closing, I greatly appreciate you visiting my site and considering me as your success coach. There is 1 action step I’ll leave you with right now: choose a session above. Don’t waste any more time making excuses, let’s get started today!

Peace and Much Love,

Dr. Lewis


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