Why everyone should freelance

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Why everyone Should Freelance ASAP

There are many reasons why everyone should freelance and some will surprise you. Has the thought of being your own boss ever popped into your head? How about the freedom to work when you want to and from where you want? Or the possibility to earn more money versus a pre-set salary or hourly wage. Everyone should freelance because we all have a gift, talent, or specialty. Not to mention the opportunity to work at your pace and earn an unlimited amount of money each day, week, month, and year. On a personal example, when I was pursuing purchasing our dream home, I freelanced through Fiverr and literally earned $30,000 in 1 summer. Yes, you read that right, 30 grand in a summer, 3 months! I was on my grind and you can be as well!

Most Freelances use multiple platforms

Right off the bat, I’ll name the top freelance platforms where I have an active freelance profile: UPwork and Fiverr.

These platforms allow freelancers to create a profile and solicit services and also receive requests for services 24/7. The only unfortunate part is they charge you a slight fee. Upwork’s fee is reduced as you earn more money. However, Fiverr charges 20% on every sale and every tip, regardless of your status i.e., Fiverr Pro, Top Rated Seller, etc.

Why I freelance on Fiverr?

I absolutely love the idea that Fiverr has its own Search Engine Optimization algorithm to rank and display seller profiles. At one point, I thought I loved it most because it brought me so much business. Basically, it’s like free advertising. Who doesn’t love free advertising as a freelancer?

The fact that customers can leave a review is another bonus. Although I do a lot of work through my site The Professional Proofreader, I get a ton of work as a freelancer through Fiverr. The difference is currently my customers can only leave reviews through Fiverr. Fortunately, for me I was a Fiverr Top Rated Seller, so it worked out fine. These last 2 paragraphs are written in past tense because Fiverr for some unknown reason has demoted me and revoked my top rated status. The funny thing is I literally made more money in 1 month on my website in January 2022 than I did the entire 2021 year on Fiverr! I know, I’m killing it, right?

As I’ve mentioned in other posts I have wrote about Fiverr, they take 20% of all earnings but I counter this by raising my prices. Freelancers sometimes struggle with securing wages commensurate with their experience and quality of work. So reviews greatly help boost a freelancer’s reputation. As your reviews increase, so does the impressions and clicks on your Fiverr freelance profile and gigs.

Making money on Fiverr is easy and can be done by anyone with a skill or talent to offer. The key to success on the platform is understanding how to market yourself and your services effectively. One of the best ways to increase your visibility on Fiverr is to use high-ranking keywords in your gig titles and descriptions. These keywords will help potential customers find your gig when searching for specific services.

Another important strategy is to offer multiple gig packages at different price points. This will give customers a range of options to choose from and will increase the chances of them purchasing a gig from you. In addition to that, providing good customer service and delivering quality work can help to increase your positive reviews. Positive reviews will help to build trust with potential customers, making them more likely to purchase a gig from you.

Finally, it’s important to constantly update your gig with new and relevant skills, to keep you competitive in the market.

By following these tips and strategies, anyone can make money selling on Fiverr. Whether you’re a writer, designer, or musician, there’s a demand for your talents on the platform. So, use my Fiverr Seller Referral Link and start creating your gig today and watch your income grow!

Why I freelance on UPwork?

To be honest whenever I’m on UPwork, I get this feeling like I am amongst an upper class of customers and more experienced freelancers. For one the freelancer profiles are more elaborate than Fiverr. There are opportunities for links in your freelancer bio as well.

Like Fiverr, UPwork allows ratings as well. Again another way to boost your reputation. Unfortunately, my first UPwork freelance editing job was on the book Poison Ivy by Eliam Apone. He gave me 4.5/5 stars and said he just doesn’t believe anything is ever perfect. Unfortunately, his book has been on Amazon over a year and still hasn’t sold. Now, this is a different scenario from the best selling authors I work with like Brooke Goldner MD, author of Goodbye Autoimmune! So I will not take a dig at him but I will say when we treat others great, great things happen for us in return. So yes, I am over that Upwork experience and enjoying working with best selling authors who list me in their books as their editor!

Why I have a profile on Freelancer?

Freelancer is similar to Fiverr and UPwork in the since of it being a platform for freelancers. However, it is vastly different in its layout and appearance. If there was a freelancing site for children, my opinion it would be freelancer. This is due to its very basic layout and my fear of even adding my payment information.

However, I do have a profile for the additional exposure. Every now and then I’ll get a message from site admins to apply for specific jobs. Although it’s a feature that is not available on Fiverr and UPwork, I haven’t had luck with this approach. This leads me to believe those staff messages may be auto generated.

Ultimately, as a freelancer I offer my professional proofreading, editing, resume and cover letters, and ghost writing services on all 3 platforms. This increases my exposure but equally important it allows me to have multiple streams of income. Sometimes I say to myself, this is my Fiverr money, my website money, my UPwork money, and so on.

Should you freelance?

  • Do you want an additional income or an income from your own home?
  • Do you have a few hours a week where you can get paid for your services?
  • Are you tired of having a boss?

If you answered yes, then you should freelance. You could simply turn your Freelance income into an additional source of income by investing the money you earn. Use my Webull Referral Code and we both will earn up to 15 shares of free stock! Use my Robinhood Referral Code and we will earn additional free stocks as well!

If you are looking for passive income, then no freelancing is not the way to go because you have to do work to earn income. As a freelancer you get paid as you work.

Bonus Tip for Beginning Freelancers

Continue to learn and sharpen your skills so you can add value to customers. Think about what you are really good at, how you can help others, what value can you bring to customers, this will help you identify your niche or special area. Is it relationships, how to guides, music, art work, resumes, cover letters, etc. BTW, use my Fiverr Seller Referral Link Good luck!














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